Red fruit and Pink Biscuit cheesecake

Ingredient : 

20 crushed Biscuits Roses
220g mascarpone
220g single cream
1 vanilla pod
60g water
90g castor sugar
90g glucose
90g egg yolks
6g gelatin

Method : 

Form 8 individual 4cm circles with 70mm wide acetate pastry ribbon.

Mix the crushed Biscuits Roses and melted butter and line the bottom of the circles. Keep in a cool place.

To make the mascarpone cream:

Mix the mascarpone, single cream, and vanilla and leave to rest for at least one hour.

Boil the water, sugar and glucose at 120 °C, and pour onto the egg yolks.

Beat until the mixture has completely cooled and incorporate the softened, melted gelatin.

Whisk the mascarpone and mix the two preparations together.

To serve:

Arrange slices of strawberry around the edges of the circles, fill the circles with mascarpone cream, and smooth the surface.

To decorate:

Sprinkle with crushed Biscuits Roses and serve with a few pieces of strawberry, raspberries, and mint leaves.

May be served with a red fruit coulis.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Resting time: 1 hour in a cool place before serving. May be prepared the day before

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