Values and history of Maison Fossier and the Biscuit Rose de Reims (Pink Biscuit of Reims)

Heir of a long line of creators of delicacies for which Reims has become famous, Maison Fossier has managed to conserve and develop the creative mastery which has made its biscuit recipes inevitable gourmet milestones. A traditional biscuit factory, forged by two-and-a-half centuries of history, Fossier is the mother company of the Biscuit Rose de Reims and combines the good taste of past times with today’s savours for the pleasure of modern gourmets.

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The History of Maison Fossier


History of the Biscuit Rose de Reims 

(Pink Biscuit of Reims)

The Values of Maison Fossier
Histoire de la Maison Fossier - Biscuiterie depuis 1756 Histoire du Biscuit Rose de la Maison Fossier Les valeurs de la Maison Fossier