History of the Biscuit Rose de Reims (Pink Biscuit of Reims)

The Biscuit Rose dates from the 1690s. At this time, bakers of the champagne region anxious to use the heat of their oven after cooking bread, had the idea of creating a special dough which, after having been cooked once, was left in the bread oven where it finished drying. Hence the origin of the word BIS-CUIT : ie cooked twice

fabrication artisanale du Biscuit Rose

The artisanal manufacture of the Biscuit Rose

Originally, the biscuit was white. The decision was taken to flavour the dough with vanilla. In order to do this, the pod had to be crushed with sugar in a mortar to extract the aromatic substance in the form of small, almost black particles. Mixed with a bright white dough, these vanilla particles discoloured the finished biscuit. Someone then had the idea of masking this pigmentation with some red colouring : carmine. In this way, the delightful Biscuit Rose de Reims was born !

Its recipe has remained unchanged since, as well as its method of manufacture, which conserves the double-cooking originally practised.

Moule biscuits Roses étiquette recette Biscuits Roses
Baking tins for Biscuits Roses   
Old label of a bag of Biscuits Roses de Reims 

Ancienne boite BRboite epoque BR

Old tins of Biscuits Roses