The History of Maison Fossier

Heir of a long line of creators of delicacies for which Reims has become famous, Maison Fossier has managed to conserve and develop the creative mastery which has made its biscuit recipes inevitable gourmet milestones. A traditional biscuit factory, forged by two-and-a-half centuries of history, Fossier is the mother company of the Biscuit Rose de Reims and combines the good taste of past times with today’s savours for the pleasure of modern gourmets.

Around 1690, bakers in the champagne region created a recipe to make use of the heat of a bread oven just after cooking, to cook and cook again a sweet delicacy : the “bis-cuit” of Reims was born.

In 1756, under the reign of Louis XV, an era glorifying lifestyle and good taste, a small biscuit maker started up. In 1775, its biscuits were presented during the Coronation of Louis XVI at Reims, and the Biscuit maker became supplier to the king.

In 1825, it received a royal certificate with the seal of Charles X, recognising the quality of its biscuits. The kingdom’s gourmets rapidly heard of the very high quality of its specialities, and had Biscuits Roses and gingerbreads delivered by courier.

In 1845, a certain Mister Fossier, an independent baker, took  over this biscuit factory, created in 1756, “the Mother company of the Biscuits de Reims” and its delicacies. 

Liste des Spécialités Fossier fin des années 1700

On the back of an advertisement dating from the end of the 18th century, Maison Fossier of Reims lists its specialities.

Biscuits Fossier, Place des Marchés à Reims

Biscuits Fossier, Place des Marchés à Reims


For more than 3 centuries, the biscuit factory is a prosperous activity and strongly implanted in Reims. During the roaring twenties, the fashion of the Biscuits Roses de Reims grew, and the dandies adored tasting them with a renowned Champagne. It even managed to maintain its activites during the wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 adapting its production to the requirements of the moment.

The agenda of the Marne department for the 1950s still counted 15 biscuit factories, which had as specialities the manufacture of “Biscuits of Reims”, gingerbreads and “massepains”.

Publicités Fossier

Since then, Maison Fossier has not ceased to respect the precious gastronomic heritage and to defend the great biscuit tradition of Reims ; of 15 biscuit-makers still existing in the 1940s, it is the only remaining representative.

Since several years, carried along by a new dynamism, Maison Fossier has taken steps to valorise ancient recipes.

The Maison Fossier team, composed today of nearly 100 people, thus promotes quality, the biscuit tradition and the creativity which has made the brand famous.